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Diploma in Library & Information Science


Sri Lanka Library Association founded in 1960, is the professional association for librarians, documentation officers and information managers in Sri Lanka. It was established by the Act of Parliament no. 20 of 1974. Corporate members of SLLA are designated Chartered Librarians by law. Professional activities of SLLA are recognized locally and internationally. It is a founder member of Organization of Professional Associations (OPA) and a member of the International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA).


One of the major activities of SLLA is production of library personnel required by the country. Qualifications of SLLA are recognized by public and private sector organisations for recruitment and promotion of library personnel. SLLA is represented in governances of library related government authorities and institutions.

Main education programme of SLLA is the Diploma in Library and Information Science (DEPLIS) which is offered as a three level, 4 year course. The course is conducted in all three languages (S=Sinhala, T=Tamil, E=English) in five education centres; Colombo (S, T & E), Kandy (S), Galle(S), Jaffna (T) and Batticaloa (T). Those who complete DEPLIS are eligible to register as non-corporate members of SLLA who can apply for corporate membership after 5 years of membership. More than 75% of the library personnel in Sri Lanka are products of SLLA.

Distance mode of education (Online Course)

Many students at remote areas who wish to improve their professional knowledge find it difficult to regularly visit Course centres. Due to this fact, often rural and remote library personnel never get an opportunity to enhance their knowledge and render a better service to their library users. On the other hand, without having qualified library personnel knowledgeable in modern information systems and services, the rural libraries cannot face with demands of their user bases.

Observing this serious weakness in the library education system, SLLA decided to introduce distance learning facility to library students. Therefore, the Distance Education Programme in Library and Information Science (DIPLIS) was initiated.

Opinion Survey

We urge all members to complete the Opinion Survey and return it to the SLLA Administrative Secretary on or before 20 May 2015.

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SWOT Analysis Report
The Report of Session on SWOT Analysis of the SLLA conducted on 12-12-2014 at NILIS, UoC


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